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Facebook: A Daily Habit Across APAC

More than 70% of internet users in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand visit Facebook every day, according to a recent study from research agency, TNS.

The social network’s daily digital reach exceeds 50% in 11 out of 14 Asia-Pacific markets covered by TNS’s survey, underscoring Facebook’s relevance and mass media status among vast swathes of the region’s internet users.

In all, Facebook was the top-ranked social network by daily use in every APAC market TNS looked at, bar China.

Daily use in other East Asian nations such as Korea (33%) and Japan (15%) is relatively low, however, reflecting a lower profile for social networks as a whole in these countries.

At the same time, the social landscape is diversifying, with messaging apps now part of many people’s daily lives.

Facebook executives have spread their bets, buying one of the most popular IM services – WhatsApp – last year, while developing their own, Facebook Messenger, as a hedge against swift changes in digital consumption.

Earlier, the site had also expanded its reach in photo sharing, buying Instagram in 2012, as internet users started opting for more specialized services on their mobile phones.

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