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The Year Of Mobile (Video)

For the first time, people worldwide will watch more video on smartphones and tablets than on non-mobile devices over the course of a year, according to the latest forecasts from media agency Zenith.

Overall, viewing on mobile devices will account for around 55% of OTT video consumption in 2016, Zenith reckons, compared with 47% in 2015.

That share should rise to 64% by 2018, as more people get their hands on cheap handsets, while handset displays and mobile networks continue to improve.

Many of the engines of mobile video growth tend to be affluent markets in North America and Western Europe.

In Asia-Pacific meanwhile, India is a major driver, where the number of mobile viewers will quickly multiply to make India one of the largest mobile video markets in the world.

Our slideshow, using data from Zenith’s new report, Online Video Forecasts 2016, reviews viewing trends in India, as well as Australia and Singapore.

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