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Teresa Teng "Resurrected"

Teresa Teng, the deceased Taiwanese pop singer and international superstar - considered by many as the greatest all-time Asian singing star - is to be "resurrected" through Virtual Image Reconstruction Technology. 

Teresa Teng's rights holder TNT Production Limited, which works "to pass on Miss Teng's joyful, loving spirit through it's operations,” has signed a 10-year agreement with Digital Domain Media to produce and utilize 3-D holograms of the singer for use in concerts, movies and general entertainment. 

Frank Teng, brother of Miss Teng and chairman of TNT said, “This partnership is of huge significance. Digital Domain hopes the 3-D holographic projection technology will more vividly present the wonderful voice of Teresa and the delightful charm of the top songstress of her generation, in re-creating her performances, in order to carry forward the pride of Taiwan. We are very thankful to Digital Domain and its team." 

Miss Teng's first virtual appearance was seen by more than 100,000 people last year at concerts in Taiwan and Hong Kong hosted by music and entertainment legend Jay Chou. 

Daniel Seah, executive director and ceo of Digital Domain said, "Our dedicated team worked closely with Miss Teng's foundation to bring her personality and spirit to life in her performances in 2013. We look to continue that close partnership, and find ways for her fans of long standing, as well as a whole new generation, to appreciate her talent for many years to come.”

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