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Australia’s Daily Media Diet

Television still connects with more people at any time than any other media in Australia, with more than half of adults tuning in during primetime.

Media reach changes, however, at different times of day.

Over breakfast for example, TV is Australia’s second-most popular medium behind radio, notes media agency network ZenithOptimedia in a recent report: Media Consumption Forecasts 2015.

For Australians aged 15 and up, radio’s reach wanes after breakfast, experiencing a modest lift in the afternoon before declining rapidly in the evening, as more people turn on their TV.

During the work day meanwhile, the internet becomes the country most popular medium, peaking in the morning as people arrive for work, as well as in the early afternoon.

Online reach declines during dinner-time but increases afterwards, as more people multiscreen while watching TV.

Our video, using information from ZenithOptimedia and local research agency Roy Morgan, shows how media popularity changes over the course of a day.


Time spent with media as a whole has remained relatively stable in Australia, Zenith notes in its report, rising just 2% since 2010.

Nonetheless, digital media has been steadily increasing its share of people's time at the expense of traditional platforms. 

On average, Australians over 15 were online for 153.5 minutes a day in 2014, up from 110.5 minutes in 2010.

Meanwhile, average daily consumption over the same period fell by 4.7 minutes for radio, by 6.7 minutes for newspapers, and by 17.7 minutes for TV.

Television remained the most popular medium by time spent in 2014, with people watching 160.8 minutes on average per day. 

However, ZenithOptimedia anticipates time spent watching TV will fall further to 157.3 minutes this year behind time spent with the internet, forecast to rise to 160 minutes on average in 2015.

Video: 1:15

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