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Digital Challenges For HK Media

Traditional media channels are proving to be relatively resilient in Hong Kong, a city where smartphones and tablets are mainstream.

TV, for example, still reaches 87% of Hong Kong adults every day, according to Ipsos Media Atlas, a survey covering the media consumption, attitudes and lifestyle habits of Hong Kong consumers.

TV’s daily reach in 2006  the year Media Atlas first launched in Hong Kong, before smartphones and tablets had entered people’s lives – was only slightly higher, at 90%.

Daily newspapers also fared relatively well over the same period, reaching 64% of Hong Kong adults last year, compared with 76% in 2006.

Weekly magazines are much weaker however, with consumption down to 29% in 2014, compared with 46% eight years' earlier.

Multiscreen lifestyles

Nonetheless, the key battle is on-screen, with people spending more of their time staring at PCs and smartphones. 

While TV remains central to most Hong Kongers' lives  watched for 124 minutes on average each day in 2014, compared with 139 minutes in 2012  time spent on phones and tablets is rising.

In 2012, TV was still the dominant screen in Hong Kong. Today, it has ceded that status to smartphones, which made up 149 minutes of average daily screentime in 2014, up from 122 minutes in 2012.

Time spent on tablets has also nudged up to 120 minutes in 2014, from 118 minutes in 2012.

In stark comparison to the offline world, traditional media brands still have a low, albeit rising profile on these devices.

Our video reviews the changes taking place.

Video: 1:16

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