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Australia,Consumer Trends

Multi-Tasking And TV In Australia

Television accounts for almost 90 hours of average viewing time each month in Australia, but doesn’t mean the big screen has people’s undivided attention.

Dual screening is now prevalent in Australia, even among older age groups (see graphic below), reports the latest Australian Multi-Screen Report, produced each quarter by Nielsen in conjunction with ratings bodies Regional Tam and OzTam.

If dual screening isn't enough, almost one third (31%) of Australians admit to triple screening, up from 26% reported in Q1 last year, the latest research discovered.

TV still makes up the lion’s share of TV and video viewing in Australia, even for teens and young adults.

Over three quarters of Australian adults now own a smartphone however, while almost half of households own a tablet, placing more choice within reach of more people.

The difference between mediocre and truly engaging programming will only get wider as a result.

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