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Online Video Ads Below Par In SEA

Ad duration matters, if marketers want their online video ads seen in full.

Consumers in Southeast Asia in particular are less tolerant of longer ads compared to the US, according to research from TubeMogul, a company specializing in programmatic video advertising.

In this case, a long ad is anything over 15 seconds, the equivalent of a short commercial on TV.

Drop-off rates in Southeast Asia are especially sharp for mobile, TubeMogul discovered.

Little time for ads

The findings could reflect the quality of the creative, as well as streaming data costs.

Either way, it’s a challenge for agencies, brands and media owners.

“The digital consumer in Southeast Asia prefers short-burst video advertising that communicates their branding message quickly and with clarity,” remarks TubeMogul’s Asia VP, Susan Salop.

“We expect to see advertisers move to create more short-form video content, made for the web, to increase branding engagement,” she adds.

Tube Mogul’s study was carried out between April 1 and June 30 this year, covering Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines in Southeast Asia.

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