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ThinkAnalytics Reveals Results Of Recommendations Vs Editorial

IBC 2015 – ThinkAnalytics™, developer of the world's most deployed multiplatform TV search and recommendations engine, today unveiled the results of live customer deployments that compares the impact of using ThinkAnalytics to recommend live TV and VOD content with editorial recommendations. The results demonstrate that the ThinkAnalytics engine’s ability to personalize recommendations far exceeds the ability of marketing promotions to impact viewing behavior.

The latest results reveal that after deploying ThinkAnalytics across millions of households, the amount of time subscribers spend viewing increases by 20-50 per cent. In parallel, at the same point, the number of channels the average subscriber watched increased by 25-35 per cent.

In addition, across the deployed base of millions of subscribers, VOD uptake increases by 30-100 per cent, depending on the implementation and operator objectives. These benefits are achieved just weeks or months after going live, demonstrating customers’ fast return on investment.

Further statistics comparing the impact of the ThinkAnalytics engine’s personalized recommendations in A/B Testing against editorial curation recommendations show that high quality personalized recommendations far outstrip editorially selected content (graph 3). The ThinkAnalytics personalized recommendations are typically two to three times more effective at driving uptake of recommended content after just six weeks.

“We meet operators who have deployed recommendations engines from other vendors or developed in-house systems, yet seen no material change. This should not be the case. Our extensive experience and expertise allows us to assist operators and service providers in achieving key KPI metrics and driving greater ARPU. We are now doing this across 30 countries in 27 languages with over 150 million subscribers,” said Peter Docherty, Founder and CTO of ThinkAnalytics.

“We work closely with our customers to increase ARPU by recommending content that boosts the number of hours watched, channels viewed, programs viewed, and VOD assets viewed/purchased,” added Docherty. “This is not just about having the best search and recommendations platform in the industry, but also about giving each customer the benefit of our in-depth experience and expertise. The results of our research validate our efforts by demonstrating the real business benefits of personalized search and recommendations.”

Source: ThinkAnalytics