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LeTV Sports Acquires Premier League Rights For Hong Kong

Hong Kong – Letv Sports announced its acquisition of the exclusive broadcasting rights of Premier League in Hong Kong in the next three seasons starting from 2016. This is the world’s first example that the exclusive broadcasting rights of Premier League granted to an Internet company in a region.

The announcement was made by Lei Zhenjian, CEO of Letv Sports, Richard Scudamore, Executive Chairman of the Premier League, Tin Mok, Vice President of Le Holdings (Beijing) Co. Ltd. and CEO, APAC and Cheng Yizhong, CEO of Letv Sports Hong Kong.

Letv understands the importance and influence of the football event to local fans, and Mok is excited to be the first Internet company to win the broadcasting rights in Hong Kong. “This is yet another showcase of our commitment to Hong Kong market for the Hong Kong people. We will continue to bring the best devices and contents catering to the tastes of the local users,” he said.

Cheng Yizhong, CEO of Letv Sports in Hong Kong described the breakthroughs of Premier League broadcasting in the new season, “We will, for the first time in the Premier League history, provide 4K webcasting on some games in the 2016-17 season. Football fans in Hong Kong will be able to capture every detail on the field. Letv possesses 600 CDN (Content Delivery Network) nodes around the world and 10T bandwidth supported by Letv Cloud, we are confident of meeting football fans’ demand for timely and smooth webcasting.” In addition to technological advantages, Letv Sports will make use of multiple signals, multiple games, multiple devices, commentaries in multiple languages and multiple ways of interaction to provide more diversified event watching experience to the users. Also, by hosting events, marketing activities and event-watching tours, Letv Sports will strive to better engage the users into the football culture of the Premier League.

Lei Zhenjian, CEO of Letv Sports, shared the story of the company’s cooperation with the Premier League, “As the new media partner in Mainland China, Letv Sports’ cooperation with the Premier League has been very positive and productive. We are glad to see our cooperation expanding to Hong Kong. Going forward, Letv Sports and the Premier League will each draw on its advantages to lift the broadcasting of the Premier League in Hong Kong to a whole new level.”

Lei described a new era for the sports industry where football fans are no longer satisfied with only watching matches but seeking more in-depth experience and participation. “In addition to high-quality webcasting of the Premier League, Letv Sports will also make use of its industry capacity which consists of event operation, content platform, smart device and Internet service to provide more interactive products, service and market activities for football fans in Hong Kong,” said Lei.

Richard Scudamore, Executive Chairman of the Premier League expressed his excitement for the new broadcasting technology, “A mature market for the Premier League, football fans in Hong Kong are well known for their significant number and strong consumption ability. The cooperation between the Premier League and Letv Sports has significant implications as it marks Hong Kong the world’s first Premier League market led by an Internet company. We look forward to the close partnership between Letv Sports and the Premier League and hope we can bring the best Premier League experience to our football fans in Hong Kong.”

Mark Sutcliffe, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Football Association welcome the announcement, “We believe with the strength of Letv‘s unique ecosystem and passion, Letv Sports will not only nurture more football fans in Hong Kong, but also help promote the exchange between Hong Kong teams and the Premier League, helping our teams to the next level.”

Attending the announcement event includes Peter Schmeichel, legendary goalkeeper of Manchester United, Chan Siu Ki, football player from the Hong Kong Football Representative Team, Wallace Cheung, Chairman of South China Football Team, Canny Leung, Chairman of Hong Kong Pegasus FC, Abraham García, Head Coach of Kitchee Football Team and over 30 players from the Hong Kong Super League.

Source: LeTV