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Foxtel: Government Action Reduces Online Copyright Theft

Foxtel today welcomed research undertaken by the Department of Communications comparing online copyright infringement in Australia and the United Kingdom.

“The research clearly indicates that where governments take action to reduce levels of online copyright infringement it has an effect on peoples’ behaviour,” said Bruce Meagher, Foxtel Group Director of Corporate Affairs.

“The UK has had in place for some time site blocking legislation similar to that recently passed by the Australian Parliament. That legislation has enabled rights holders to obtain injunctions to block access to sites operated by criminals for the purpose of making money from the theft of other peoples’ intellectual property.

“This and a major consumer education campaign supported by industry and government are the two main differentiators between the Australian and UK markets. The result is that the incidence of online piracy is half in the UK what it is in Australia.

“We have maintained that there is no magic bullet that will eliminate online piracy. However, there are a number of measures that can be taken to encourage the vast majority of consumers to seek legitimate sources of content.

“Education is important and content owners and distributors are in the process of planning an education campaign for Australia.

“Timely and reasonably priced access to content is another. Foxtel has recently reduced its entry price and launched the Presto streaming service and continues to increase the numbers of block buster programs that are made available Express from the US and UK.

“Finally, government action such as the site blocking legislation and the soon to be finalised industry Code of Practice both give rights holders practical ways to address the issue and send the clear message to consumers that this activity is not only unacceptable but illegal.

“We hope to see a decline in the incidence of online infringement in Australia in the coming years as these measures come into effect,” Mr Meagher concluded.

Source: Foxtel